Children’s Health

Baby Clinic

The Health Visiting team runs a weekly baby clinic on a Wednesday afternoon by appointment only.

Child Health Checks

Child Health Checks are undertaken by the Health Visiting team at appropriate timescales.

These checks include;

  • A primary birth visit at 10-14 days.
  • 8 week GP check.
  • 8 month check.
  • 2 year check.
  • A pre-school check.

Appointments for these child health checks are arranged by the Health Visiting Team. Child development checks are offered at agreed by national guidelines and any problems are followed up.

Childhood Immunisations

Appointments for childhood immunisations as advised by the health visiting team or the surgery and administered by the practice nurses, again these are administered at intervals agreed by national guidelines.

One of the most important things that a parent can do for their child is to make sure that they have all their routine childhood vaccinations. It’s the most effective way of keeping them protected against infectious diseases

Ideally, babies and young children should have their jabs at the right age to protect them as early as possible and minimise the risk of infection.